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Warranty Policy

Thank you for purchasing or considering to purchase your Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) machine from Intus Healthcare Ltd, leading private homecare providers for snorers and sleep apnoeics. We understand that you rely on your equipment for healthy sleep nightly and we are here to assist you. The following is important warranty information in the unlikely event your machine develops a problem.

All PAP machines are covered by the manufacturer's own standard warranty against faulty workmanship or technical failure. The miniCPAP is covered by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.

If there is problem with the machine WITHIN the warranty period:

  1. Please inform Intus IN WRITING, by e-mail ideally or by post, detailing the serial number of the unit, the date purchased and the problem. We do need to be notified in writing before we can process your claim.

  2. Intus will respond promptly and possibly attempt to fix the problem over the phone if appropriate and possible in the first instance. If it is not possible to fix remotely, Intus will issue you with a returns number and pick up the machine from you (just the unit itself) at our expense initially. (UK mainland only).

    [If you live OUTSIDE the UK mainland, you will need to send the unit back to the address Intus provide you at the time (again just the unit itself) by recorded and insured delivery. If the machine gets lost or damaged during return transit, Intus cannot be held liable. If the machine is indeed found to be faulty, Intus will refund any reasonable shipping charge. Please Note: Intus does not pay for premium delivery charges. If the machine is being returned from a different country to that which it was delivered to, then the amount reimbursed will be based on the estimated cost of postage from country the machine was delivered to - not where the machine is now being returned from.]

  3. The manufacturer's own technical department (the only people qualified and authorised to repair or inspect) will then report back to Intus asap. Intus have no control over how long inspections, reports or repairs take, but from experience, it tends to be between 72 hours and although rare, up to 4 weeks, at worst.

  4. If found to be faulty, it will either be repaired or replaced and sent to the same delivery address as the original order with no charge. If a change of address is required there may be a charge, particularly if shipping overseas. If the machine is found to be faulty due to customer error or misuse (for example accidentally dropping it or allowing water to get into the electrics), you may be liable for the delivery charges and repair or replacement cost of the unit. (Intus do not control the manufacturer's verdicts regarding faults).

  5. Over thousands of machines supplied, a very small percentage ever have problems, but occasionally there is a faulty unit as with any mass produced item. Intus may be able to send you a machine on loan until your own one is returned or replaced, but a deposit will be required. If you cannot do without your machine whilst it is being investigated, you may wish to purchase a second machine as many other patients have done.

If you have any questions regarding these warranty terms please contact us.