P8 Two-Night Rechargeable Battery

P8 Two-Night Rechargeable Battery
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Sleep anywhere - for longer!

About the size of a deck of cards, the P8 is perfect for your next night or two away from home with your Transcend miniCPAP machine. Plus, it doubles as a backup power source in case of a power outage.

Save £50 - Discount applied at checkout when purchased with a miniCPAP machine


Maximise your Transcend's portability with a P8 battery

Using a P8 battery allows you to spend up to two nights away from mains power - or as a backup in the event of a powercut.

One of the main attractions of the Transcend is its small size, allowing you to take it anywhere. The P8 means you can use it anywhere, too!

The average running time of the P8 is 14 hours - ideal for a couple of nights away. Please note that higher pressures (or altititude) will see shorter running times.

Only need 6-8 hours charge? The P4 battery is smaller, lighter and cheaper should you not require longer running times. You can find out more about it here.

Save £50 when ordering at the same time as your Transcend machine

Purchase the P8 Transcend Battery at the same time as your Transcend CPAP Machine (any model) and you will get an automatic £50 discount at the checkout!

The P8 is usually charged using the main power supply of the Transcend CPAP machine, charging the battery in around 9 hours from full depleted.

Alternatively, you can charge using 12V DC power using the Transcend DC Mobile Power Adapter or the Solar Panel Charger (both available separately).

You can use the battery at the same time as charging, meaning you can use it as a backup. Simply have the P8 on charge from the mains, and the Transcend plugged into the P8. This means the Transcend will run off the mains - but should there be a powercut then the P8 will provide power without interruption. Once the mains power is reinstated the machine will begin taking power from that again - all while you sleep blissfully unaware of any power issues!

The P8 is comparable in size to a large deck of playing cards. The dimensions are Transcend P8 Battery are 110mm x 80mm x 42mm, while it weighs 0.5kg.

The P4 has a warranty of 9 months. If storing a battery for longer periods, make sure it is charged up first, and consider topping up every few months.