Transcend 3 Auto Travel MiniCPAP Machine

Transcend 3 Auto Travel MiniCPAP Machine
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You have found the portable CPAP that you have been looking for! Order your Transcend 3 Auto today and simplify your CPAP therapy.

Your Transcend 3 Auto MiniCPAP Kit Includes:

  • Transcend MiniCPAP AUTO
  • 6 Foot Hose
  • AC Adapter (with UK, US, EU and Australia plug attachments)
  • Travel Bag


Transcend 3 Auto CPAP for TravelTranscend 3 Auto - the ultimate in portability for Automatic CPAP users

The Transcend 3 Auto now allows you to maintain your CPAP therapy wherever you are - whether at home, abroad, or on the move. The compact size and low weight lend itself perfectly for travel - but the specifications allow it to be your everynight machine, too.

The Transcend 3 Auto is around half the size and weight of a conventional CPAP machine. It also has optional battery options should you be travelling away from mains power (sold separately). Additional optional accessories allow you to use the Transcend in whatever way suits your lifestyle and requirements.

Whether you're looking for a primary CPAP machine to use every night, or a back-up unit for travelling with, the Transcend 3 Auto's extensive range of accessories allows you to customise it to fit your individual needs.

Business Travel Compact and lightweight, Transcend devices are FAA approved for all major airlines and fit in carry-on bags.
Outdoor - Go anywhere under the stars and off the grid with Transcend's portable power options.
Leisure Travel - Small & lightweight with an array of power options that allow you to travel without limits.
Lorry Driving - The perfect companion for truck drivers who require clinically effective CPAP therapy on the go.
FAA approved - Transcend devices are FAA approved, allowing therapy inflight with either P4 or P8 battery (prior written approval from airline recommend).

Enjoy travelling? No problem. The Transcend has two battery options and a 12V DC Mobile Power Adapter. Save £50 when buying a battery at the same time as your Transcend 3 Auto. This discount is automatically applied at the checkout.


What comes included in your Transcend 3 Auto Starter Kit

The Transcend Starter Kit includes:

• Transcend CPAP machine
• 6' / 183cm tube
• Mains power supply
• Travel bag (colour and design may vary and may be different to that shown - Somnetics change the design frequently - but the size and shape is always as shown)

On the left you can see what you get in the box.

Please note: batteries, docking stations and all other accessories not listed above are available separately, see below for details.

What are the drawbacks of the Transcend?

To achieve the Transcend's incredibly small size, there are a few compromises to be aware of. There is no LCD display screen displaying pressures, or any other information. A small series of lights give indicators about what the machine is doing or alerting you to any issues.

Also worth noting is that you may find the Transcend machines to be a little noisier than other, larger machines, as there is less room for sound insulation and dampening. However, the Transcend still meets the industry-standard requirement of producing less that 30db in noise, but just be aware that light sleepers may need a little time to adjust to the slightly higher volume.

Choose your accessories to make the Transcend 3 Auto suit you

Add the above Starter Kit to the basket now, and then mix and match the following options to complete your perfect CPAP setup.

Transcend Battery Packs - want to use your CPAP while camping, long-haul flying or want a backup power source? Use a Transcend Battery Pack to give you the freedom you want. Available in two capacity sizes, they make the Transcend the ultimate portable CPAP option. Save £50 when buying a battery pack with your Transcend 3 Auto - the discount is applied automatically at the checkout.

Transcend DC Mobile Power Adapter - want to power your Transcend from a 12V source? Use the 12V DC Mobile Power Adapter to do just that. Whether in a caravan, car or using a universal battery, this gives you further options. It can also be used to charge the Transcend batteries from a 12V source.

Other accessories

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    Transcend 365 Auto Humidified MiniCPAP Machine

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  • Transcend Heated Humidifier

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    Breathe in comfort!

    The Heated Humidifier allows you to sleep without waking with a dry mouth, enhancing the comfort for your therapy.

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  • Transcend Base Station

    Transcend Base Station

    Add some stability!

    Use a Base Station to give your Transcend CPAP extra stability on your table, reducing the chance of it being pulled off the side accidentally.

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