SleepWeaver Advance Skin-Friendly Nasal CPAP Mask

SleepWeaver Advance Skin-Friendly Nasal CPAP Mask
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The SleepWeaver Advance Soft Cloth Nasal CPAP Mask is a revolutionary interface that redefines comfort in CPAP therapy. Its unique fabric design provides the ultimate solution for comfort, quietness and compliance. Following its great reception in the USA, we're proud to bring this innovative mask to Europe.

The new Small size is ideal for those with small facial features. Most female CPAP users will fit this provides a better fit than the regular version. The Small comes in beige only.

Sizing: This mask originally only came in one size (Regular), there is a now a Small option available for smaller faces. The regular size is blue, whereas the small is beige.

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The revolutionary soft cloth mask that keeps getting plaudits

"Brilliant, much more comfortable than an ordinary mask, highly recommended"
"It is truly wonderful to wear with no pressure on the face whatsoever, thank goodness"
Michael Dicken
"This mask beats anything else for comfort, ease of use and overall health benefits"
"An absolute must. Lightweight, no cold spots, easy fitting and low maintenance"

The Circadiance SleepWeaver Advance Soft Cloth Nasal CPAP Mask is a breakthrough in CPAP therapy, which is revolutionising the industry and causing people to reassess their views on using CPAP treatment. The radical mask has replaced both the materials and concepts from all previous masks and has rebooted the approach to CPAP mask design. It brings a new level of comfort, stability and satisfaction.

The SleepWeaver uses an entirely new concept in CPAP mask design. It was designed around balloon physics. When a balloon is inflated, the pressure inside is spread perfectly across the entire surface, meaning there are no pressure points and no areas with more pressure than any other. This same principle is used in the design of the SleepWeaver CPAP mask. The pressure from your CPAP system inflates the mask, and the pressure is spread across the surface of the mask and your face. As the mask inflates, the fabric adapts to your face's shape and contours, creating a perfect seal. This eliminates any pressure points on the face, and also prevents leaks as there is no single point around the seal with more pressure than any other.

Because the seal is created by the pressure from your CPAP system, this means that it no longer relies on the headgear to maintain the seal. The SleepWeaver's headgear is simply three straps designed to keep the mask in place rather than prevent leaks or provide stability, and so minimal pressure is required. This all equates to the most comfortable, and least obtrusive CPAP mask ever created.

What makes SleepWeaver CPAP masks "Skin-Friendly"?

BREATHABLE - Any moisture from the skin or from the CPAP humidifier wicks through the cloth and evaporates into the air stream of the SleepWeaver mask. This keeps the area between the mask and skin dry.

CUSHION OF AIR - The mask forms a fabric balloon so that the portion that contacts the face is a cushion of air, rather than a silicone or polyurethane gel cushion.

NO RIGID FRAME - The is no rigid frame to press against your face. This lets you roll over on your pillow or sleep face down.

NO PRESSURE POINTS - The elastic fabric on the SleepWeaver interface conforms to your facial features.

LIGHTWEIGHT - SleepWeaver masks are typically 50% lighter than conventional CPAP Masks.

The SleepWeaver range of Skin-Friendly CPAP masks are the softest, lightest and natural-to-wear masks available, and are perfect for those who are find conventional plastic masks uncomfortable.

Advantages of the SleepWeaver Soft Cloth CPAP Mask

The SleepWeaver has five distinct advantages over traditional CPAP interfaces.

1. Quieter

The SleepWeaver features a series of holes on the front of the mask for exhalation. The design means that breath escapes through a wider area, minimising noise and preventing the concentrated stream of air that often leads to whistling. This also allows the exhaled air to disperse more naturally, making exhalation feel more comfortable. Fabric also naturally absorbs sound, rather than the plastic traditionally used which is more likely to create it.

2. Less pressure from the headgear

The design of the SleepWeaver means that the seal is created by the pressure from your CPAP system, rather than the headgear. This means that the headgear does not have to be too tight, as it is only used to hold the mask in position, rather than to additionally improve the seal's tightness. So as well as the face having no pressure point, there is also very little tension placed around your head.

3. More sleeping positions

The minimal design of the SleepWeaver naturally lends itself to a wider range of sleeping positions, as it is similar in shape to many nasal pillow CPAP mask which allow for side sleeping. However, the cloth design means it can mould and adapt to pillow contact without losing seal – a common problem with even the most flexible CPAP masks. You can sleep on your back, side or even front, knowing the pillow contact is no longer a problem.

4. No skin irritation

The cloth material used for the SleepWeaver is both soft and breathable, meaning it continues to feel comfortable and natural even over a prolonged period of time. Instead of becoming more uncomfortable over time, it actually becomes almost unnoticeable like a typical item of clothing. The use of fabric means it doesn't become sticky or cause allergic reactions. The mask is entirely latex and silicon free.

5. Reduced air leakage

The balloon inspired design means that no one area of the inside of the mask has any more pressure than any other, which helps to prevent leaks. As the mask inflates, the fabric naturally adapts to the shape and contours of your face to ensure a perfect and comfortable seal. Because the seal is formed by the pressure from within the mask, rather than the headgear fittings, it can maintain this seal when you move or shift, even when this leads to pillow contact.

New small size gives greater choice!

Originally only available in a single size, the SleepWeaver Advance now has a Small size option for those with finer facial features. Generally speaking, most female CPAP users will find the Small provides a better fit, while most men will want to choose the regular. The small is only available in beige, and the regular only in blue. Hopefully the colour of the size you need is the one you prefer - but if not remember to choose practicality over style when ordering!

How to fit the SleepWeaver Advance - 2 minute Quick Tips video

The SleepWeaver masks are made from cloth, and therefore the technique for getting them to fit varies greatly from a typical CPAP mask. Below are a couple of short videos to help you get the SleepWeaver Advance working for you. The first is specifically for the SleepWeaver Advance, while the second is for the SleepWeaver range in general. Please watch both, they're only a couple of minutes in length each but should provide invaluable information to help you get that "just right" fit.

Full SleepWeaver Advance promotional video