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Prescription Policy

All CPAP machines are considered medical equipment and therefore cannot be provided to patients without written authority from a medical professional. This means that Intus Healthcare must have a prescription on file prior to shipping an order containing a CPAP machine.

If you do not already have a prescription, letter or other documentation demonstrating your requirement for CPAP, then clicking the link below will open a standard prescription form that can be submitted to your doctor, clinician or consultant to complete. 

Download Prescription form

Once you have your written confirmation you can send it to Intus Healthcare using any of these methods:

  • Email us at:
  • Fax it to: 0844 504 9494
  • Mail it to:
    Intus Healthcare Ltd
    2 Walton Business Centre
    46 Terrace Road
    Surrey KT12 2SD
    United Kingdom

If you have not yet conducted a sleep study then we can direct you to our quick, discreet at-home sleep study service. You should have receive the results without 7-10 days of returning the study to us, with prices starting at £99. You can find out more at