Choose Your Transcend CPAP To Transform Your Therapy!

Transcend 3 miniCPAPTM

  • Portable, quiet and lightweight
  • 3-year warranty
  • Battery options available
  • Ideal travel solution


Choose Transcend 3 MiniCPAP

Transcend 365 miniCPAPTM

  • Built-in humidifier
  • Use at home and on the move
  • Battery option available
  • Colour display


Choose Transcend 365 MiniCPAP


7 Great Reasons To Choose a miniCPAP

  • WORLD’S FIRST MINI CPAP: This are our smallest, lightest, most portable miniCPAP designs ever, with all the performance of a big in-home device.
  • FREEDOM TO SLEEP ANYWHERE: You no longer have to choose between travelling with your bulky home CPAP and sleeping without it. Transcend 3 miniCPAP is about the size of a soft drink can and weighs just one pound (500g), so you can fit it in your briefcase or luggage and sleep comfortably anywhere you go.
  • ROBUST AND TOP QUALITY: Designed specifically for the CPAP traveller, the miniCPAP is small but robust and features top-quality design to provide therapy anywhere.
  • YOU CAN USE IT ON A PLANE: miniCPAP is FAA approved for in-flight use, so you’re free to sleep comfortably even when flying.
  • WHISPER-QUIET OPERATION: The #1 seller, this travel CPAP is just as quiet as it is convenient.
  • AWARD-WINNING DESIGN: Proud winner of the 2011 Medtrade Innovation Award, the 2011 Medtrade Provider’s Choice Award, and 2012 Best Practices Award for Product Differentiation in the Sleep Disordered Breathing Market.
  • GENEROUS WARRANTY: Our small CPAP machines are backed by a BIG industry-leading, 3-year warranty.

Customer Reviews of the TranscendTM miniCPAPTM


"I love everything about the miniCPAP"

"I first heard about the miniCPAP on the radio so I checked out the website. Once I saw how small it was I had to call them. I spoke to their customer service who answered all my questions. I have been using the Transcend MiniCPAP for about a month and I love everything about it."


"...the space and weight savings is hugely appreciated"

"The Transcend MiniCPAP is significantly smaller and lighter than my previous machine. Perfectly good for use at home or on the road, it’s been an appreciated improvement over my first machine. I got my Transcend just days before heading to Europe in August and September, where I slept in about 40 different beds during the trip and I was so glad I did, as the space and weight savings is hugely appreciated."


"Packing this light would not have been possible with any other CPAP machine"

"I am a frequent business traveler and the owner of a Somnetics Transcend CPAP machine. The Transcend CPAP machine is well worth the money. It is easy to pack (small and light – the CPAP, hose, mask, power supply, and battery all fit easily in the carrying case) and is comparable in terms of quiet (extremely so) to my more expensive CPAP. Recently while traveling in Europe, I had a number of overnight side trips. Due to the portability of the Transcend CPAP, I was able to only carry a backpack on each of these three overnight side trips. Packing this light would not have been possible with any other CPAP machine."